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Ronald Rodriguez     Ronald Rodriguez: Over 10 years of IT professional experience. Ronald has overseen small and large-scale network and application deployment

GlobeTechnology     Globe Technology: News and updates from The Globe and Mail's tech section, maintained by editor Matt Frehner (@mattfrehner)

NetworkWorld     NetworkWorld: Leading provider of news, analysis, reviews, events and education on IT. Mostly updated by Executive Online Editor Jeff Caruso

CIO     CIO: The latest from CIO.com

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Xtreme Technology Solutions is a leading Information Technology services and consulting company.

Our strength lies in our experience and industry knowledge. We have over 15 years of experience in Information Technology. Our main objective is to provide you with cost effective solutions and improve productivity.

Our goal is to provide direction to our clients on Information Technology (Web Development, Web 2.0, Mobile Applications, Client Application Development, Graphic and Design, Network and Security).

Xtreme Technology Solutions assists clients by addressing their technology needs and opportunities. We work directly with the decision makers and end-users to align technology and business strategies.

Xtreme Technology Solutions main goal is the successful implementation and completion of any project (small or large) using best practices (ie. identification of risk factors) throughout the project. Our experience in the strategic leadership of projects, vendor selection, and identification of the solutions that meets your needs can be the difference between success and failure. A key advantage for engaging Xtreme Technology Solutions is our ability to support senior management.

Lets be realistic, with today's slow economy, organizations such as yours, are looking to maximize their technology investment. Hardware and off-the-shelf software prices are somewhat steady or perhaps a bit more expensive. Outsourcing some of your needs to Xtreme Technology Solutions might be the ideal solution for you. We will work with your Information Technology team and decision makers to create cost-effective, succesful solutions.

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